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The services available at the United Muslim Masjid:

The United Muslim Masjid serves a very wide and diverse Muslim community and always strives to build bridges to communicate with Muslims and non-Muslims all around us.

This past Ramadan was strong evidence of how well-knit and generous this community is since, with the will and blessings of the Gracious Allah, we had Iftar (communal breakfast) every day of the week for the whole month.
On every first Saturday of the week, we have the community dinner.

We have the Quran Program every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, from 3 to 6 pm (The start date is the first week of October).

We have orientation and educational classes/sessions for Non-Muslims. (Please direct any Non-Muslim with the interest to learn about Islam to the Masjid).

We have the weekend school with an enhanced and children-centered curriculum: The core subjects being taught are: Core Beliefs in Islam, The Biography and Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH), The Arabic Language as a main subject, and Quran memorization.

Marriage and Funeral Services. The United Muslim Masjid has a strong working relationship with the funeral home, and Muslims are given a great discount. The observance of Islamic rituals of burial is respected and applied.

We also have the Will form available, and a free public Notary service is available.

In addition to all these services, we have an upcoming children/youth program. More information will be availablble via the Newsletter "Al Minbar" and our website.

Let us know if you have any questions and please inform the brothers and sisters who do not know about these services.

Your brothers at the UMMCT
132 Prospect Street
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Please call us at: 203-756-6365 203-756-6365.


United Muslim Mosque

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