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Weekend School

For classes in Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Quran, register your children.

Contact Br. Syed or Dr. Hamid



Alhamdulillah, We are using a strong cuirriculum and teaching the children to learn the Arabic language from the very beginning. After 3 years with the new Arabic curriculum, the children in the school are able to read proficiently and understand a lot of the vocabulary. Alhamdulillah, we have achieved this by holding classes once a week and the rest of the work is done through assignments to be completed throughout the week. Baraka Allah (May Allah bless and protect our students and every seeker of knowledge). Our Arabic classes are open to our Non-Muslim community members and we have some attendance with good results in language acquisition, praise to Allah. 



We also teach Islamic Studies, all levels and we teach Quran.


Join us and benefit.  



Please call us at: 203-756-6365 203-756-6365.


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