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Please read the following instructions and follow the guidelines:

If you are sick, stay at home.

Please make Wudu at home

Bring your prayer rug with you

Wear your face mask.

Social distance by sitting in the marked spots giving you 6 feet between each other.


The following rules must be followed:

  1. You must wear face mask to enter the Masjid. No mask—-no entry.
  2. You must have wudu to enter the Masjid. The wudu area in the Masjid will be closed. Also, you must bring your own prayer rug.
  3. The Masjid door will open 15 minutes before the Khutbah begins.
  4. You must stay in your car or in the parking lot until the Masjid door is opened.
  5. You must enter one at a time without crowding at the entrance.
  6. Because of social distancing, you have to sit at the marked spot and maintain 6 feet between you and congregation members.
  7. You must vacate the Masjid immediately after the Fard prayer. Sunnah prayers should be offered at home. People should leave in an orderly manner, starting with back rows.

Follow up-to-date CDC guidelines for safety.

NOTE: IF YOU ARE SICK (or running high temperature/coughing), PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE MASJID.

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